Your mother taught you to make your own bed.

But she never dreamed of this.

HEX lets you create
the bed that's right
for your business.

HEX 4000 Series
HEX 4000 Purple Custom

Your colors, your style,
your business

With HEX you can design your own bed, configured the way you want it. Choose the length of the tanning session, the number of lamps, number of facials, dimensions and more. We'll even create a bed that is unique to your corporate identity, with your logo, your colors, your style. All beds feature metal construction with stainless steel front plates and the quality, reliability and customer service you expect from HEX.

• Stainless steel front
• Can be designed for 8, 10, 12, or 15-minute sessions
• 30 – 70+ lamps
• Up to 5 600W vertical facials (more output than standard horizontal facials)
• 8 body fans for user comfort
• Available in 100, 160 or 200W configurations
• T-Max 3A digital timer built in
• Standard width or wide body base available
• All metal and stainless steel construction
• Financing available

HEX 4000 Series Dimensions (click to view)
Length: 90"
Width: 42"
Recommended room size: 8' X 8'

Click here to see all bed features and electrical requirements.

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HEX 4000 Series
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